Celebrate Chinese New Year in London with Lavish Chauffeur

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As London gears up to welcome the vibrant and colourful celebrations of Chinese New Year, Lavish Chauffeur is ready to elevate your experience. Combining luxury transport with the rich tapestry of cultural festivities, we promise a journey as memorable as the destination.

Chinese New Year in London – A Spectacle of Culture

The Chinese New Year, or the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in London’s cultural calendar. This event, rich in tradition and history, transforms parts of London into a bustling hub of festivities, with the main attractions being in Chinatown, Trafalgar Square, and along the historic streets of the West End.

As the city adorns itself in reds and golds, and dragons dance through the streets, there’s no better time to immerse yourself in the wonders of this celebration. The air fills with the sounds of firecrackers, traditional music, and the laughter and chatter of thousands who come to witness this cultural extravaganza.

Lavish Chauffeur – Your Gateway to Cultural Exploration

At Lavish Chauffeur, we understand the essence of the Chinese New Year. Our fleet of luxury vehicles and professional chauffeurs stand ready to provide you with an unparalleled travel experience. Whether attending the grand parade, indulging in a traditional Chinese meal, or simply soaking in the festive atmosphere, our service ensures your journey is comfortable, convenient, and fitting for such a grand occasion.

Experience the Parade in Style

The highlight of Chinese New Year in London is undoubtedly the grand parade. It’s a sensory feast with colourful floats, lion dances, and performers in traditional attire. With Lavish Chauffeur, you won’t have to worry about navigating crowded public transport. Our chauffeurs will ensure you arrive at the heart of the parade in style and comfort, making your experience more enjoyable.

Gastronomic Delights – Travel to Taste

London’s Chinatown becomes even more alive during Chinese New Year, with restaurants offering special menus and delicacies. Lavish Chauffeur can be your perfect partner in exploring these culinary delights. Let us drive you to the best eateries, where you can savour traditional dishes like Peking duck, dim sum, and sweet rice balls, symbolizing family togetherness.

Family-Friendly Journey with Lavish Chauffeur

Chinese New Year is a family affair, and we at Lavish Chauffeur ensure your family travels safely and comfortably. Our spacious vehicles have ample room for the whole family, and we provide child safety seats upon request. Our chauffeurs are knowledgeable and friendly, ready to assist with any needs your family might have during your celebratory outing.

Corporate Hospitality with a Cultural Twist

Lavish Chauffeur offers tailored corporate packages for businesses looking to treat their clients or employees to a unique cultural experience. Impress your guests with a luxury ride to the heart of the festivities, followed by an exquisite dining experience in one of London’s top Chinese restaurants.

Capture the Moments

Chinese New Year is a photographer’s paradise. Our chauffeurs are familiar with the best spots in the city for capturing the essence of the celebrations. Whether it’s the vibrant street decorations, the lively performances, or the fireworks display, we’ll ensure you’re in the right place at the right time.


As Chinese New Year paints London in a palette of festive colours and sounds, let Lavish Chauffeur add a touch of luxury and convenience to your celebration. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your experience of this magnificent cultural event is seamless and memorable. Contact us today to book your ride and enjoy the festivities with style and comfort.

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